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About Us

We won't bore you with our superb resumés and personal anecdotes that instill equal part awe and envy. Instead, we want to share some of our beliefs and motivations for developing StackAid.

In no particular order:

  • If developers wanted to do marketing, they'd be marketers. Some developers have a knack for it, but for most, it's a soul-sucking, energy-draining chore. This isn't a slight to talented marketers — marketing isn't what most developers want to do when they sit down at their keyboards.

  • Independently working on open source software should be a viable source of income for many more developers. There must be a stronger middle ground between free work on nights/weekends and commercializing open source projects.

  • There's only so much space for advertising on READMEs. It's good that successful open source projects can convert their traffic to dollars, but that ad inventory is limited and detracts from the developer experience.

  • Developing and maintaining a project should be more profitable than exploiting the project. Often maintenance isn't exciting especially in comparison to finding vulnerabilities. However, like in medicine, dollars spent on prevention can save the collective software world from unnecessary trips to the ER.

  • If more people use your open source project than download a picture of your cat, you should make more money from your open source project than an NFT.

  • Successful funding of open source projects will start with open source developers funding other developers. Open source maintainers are already role models. Leading by example is critical to getting many more developers to participate.

Dudley, Wes, & Noah