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  1. Using Sourcegraph to discover non-NPM JS projects

    If you want to discover package.json files for JavaScript projects that are not NPM libraries, how would you do it?

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  2. Now supporting Go, Python, Rust, and more

    When StackAid launched, we had first-class support for discovering dependencies in the JavaScript ecosystem. Today we're happy to announce the addition of Go, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Rust!

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  3. direnv for multiple environments

    Once you discover direnv, you wonder how you previously survived in such a primitive state.

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  4. Managing Funded Organizations

    Ten days ago, we shared StackAid with the HN crowd. We were pleasantly surprised by the feedback. Of course, we knew there was room for improvement, and we appreciated people sharing what they needed for StackAid to work for them.

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  5. Simulation: Peering into the future

    The StackAid beta blog post detailed the new funding model for open source. With a new approach, the onus is on us to show the model is workable.

    Spoiler Alert: it works! Small monthly subscriptions from the developer community spreads the financial support broadly amongst a large number of projects in a meaningful way -- see the analysis in the beta blog post. Let's look a bit further at the motivation for the simulation and how to explore it.

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  6. StackAid in Beta
    A short story: No good deed goes unhampered

    You're an open source developer or someone who primarily uses open source to build your projects. You know your favorite projects need financial support, even as a casual observer. While you might have avoided the log4j troubles and enjoyed your eggnog while others diligently patched their systems last December, you're uneasily awaiting your turn of the vulnerability musical chair game.

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